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KREATIVE is a project that hopes to include you. From Monday 9th April I’d like to invite every one to send me sound clips or images that you like. I am looking for abstracted fragments of sound and images rather than purely recognisable stuff. The quality is immaterial. The words and images above might be partly the inspiration for your choice.

Musicians and non musicians alike, are not only welcome to join with this but will do so on an equal basis. I am not looking for perfection of any kind, in fact probably the opposite. We all know what we like personally and that is what I want you to send me. I am looking for accidental noise and incidental images as well as very small musical fragments. I will collate combine selected material sent to me and use it in my new band project. This will run throughout 2012 so there is no rush with this.

I am looking for sounds that have evocative, emotional and or dramatic effect. Most sounds will be short though some might be natural sound scapes and might be longer. there are no rules. I am looking for lovely things, dark ones and exciting things and also things that calm and soothe. All material must belong to you and be collected or made by you. I don't want to use any ones copy righted material.

Does this sound complicated? Well, you could record noise on your phone, dictation machine or by any other means. You might already have lovely noise you could send.
When this gets underway please send photos, drawings etc and sound files to or email to make arrangements to send memory sticks or cd s etc.

I will be awarding some special prizes for the best contributions.
Every one who contributes to this project will receive email updates and sound files when ever their material is used. Every one else will be able to follow the work in progress here.

If you have any questions or need more info please contact me at the above email address.

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