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Attorney General: cuts to legal aid will force people to represent themselves in court
The coalition's strategists will soon be able to gauge whether people will accept cuts to valued projects in
their communities because they accept painful cuts are necessary. Or whether the fires of local protest
are about to be ignited.
The coalition's spending cuts will hit the poorest in society 10 times harder than the richest as the health,
social and education services they rely on are slashed.
The government has been threatened with legal action if it presses ahead with plans to make cuts to
disability living allowance (DLA). A Disability Alliance survey found that half of employed DLA claimants may
have to give up work if they are deemed ineligible for the benefit, while nearly one in ten said losing DLA
would make life not worth living.
A leading disability lawyer has told the BBC that the Coalition’s proposed cuts to disability living allowance
(DLA) could be in breach of claimants’ human rights.

Coalition's mental health strategy inadequate, warns think tank Government accused of failing to consider
Impact of dysfunctional families on mental health of children and adults.
Half of the supplies sent to U.K. forces in Afghanistan arrive late due to failures in the supply chain,
according to a report by the National Audit Office.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) slashed its growth forecasts for the UK today as it warned that the
global economy is in a "dangerous new phase". The forecasts for the UK in 2011 fall behind projections for
Germany, France, the US and Canada.

Unemployed single parents are being "set up to fail" by changes compelling them to seek work when their
youngest child turns seven, campaigners say. charity Gingerbread says up to 111,000 families risk losing

The Con-Dem government has been readying more private companies to take over our public services as
massive cutbacks are made. Yet as we face the loss of Southern Cross's 44,000 jobs and the residences of
31,000 people, the reality of privatisation is clear.
From "compassionate Conservative to growth rainmaker" to state-shrinker, Cameron has gone through a huge change since 2005. But that is nothing like what lies ahead for the rest of Britain in the next five years. Prepare yourself for welfare to be downsized into American-style workfare, for public-sector jobs to be turned into a second-class employment and for services, from school to healthcare, to demand that users pay more to get something decent. The future is American.
We face the biggest attack in a generation on public services, pensions, the NHS, education, benefits, jobs. Virtually every aspect of society is being affected by the governments austerity measures and over 80% of cuts are yet to be implemented.
This can only be challanged if everyone stands together in one mass movement which says no to all cuts.

air arms field and hunter pellets

Coalition attacks on disabled